Why so Many Wildire Disasters?

Varying climates, volatile vegetation and readily combustible structures are dramatically increasing wildfire losses throughout the U.S. and the world. Modern mega-fires require severe weather and available fuels! They resist our most aggressive control tactics, threaten the safety of firefighters and communities, damage valuable natural resources and set new records for losses and suppression costs.

What can We do?

Get the facts first! Wildfire rumors, media hype and misinformation contribute to assumptions that wildfire losses are overpowering and inevitable. The truth is, “Of today's natural perils, wildfire damage is the easiest to predict and prevent!” Wildfire losses are a solvable problem with human solutions so it's critical we recognize the realities and work together in developing fire resistant communities!

We Can Change the Path of Wildfire!

Unlike earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc., wildfires require 'paths' of available fuel to spread. By hardening structures from ember attacks and managing local fuels, structures survive even when firefighters don't arrive. It's NOT luck or a miracle when homes withstand severe wildfires. Combustion cannot continue when fuel is unreachable and we can design and modify those conditions to save structures!