Innovative Wildfire Projects

Recent scientific discoveries and post-fire investigations have identified groundbreaking mitigation findings that significantly reduce wildfire risks and, when applied, result in appealing and functional fire-resistive structures, developments, landscape and watershed projects.

Stone Creek Fire designs and applies these progressive fire loss options to individual situations. Our application of innovative fire-risk-reduction approaches span today’s diverse range of project possibilities.

Program Evaluation & Planning

Wildfire Mitigation for:

  • Insurance and casualty specialists and companies
  • Wildland, forestry and watershed management corporations & organizations
  • Emergency management departments and agencies
  • Fire and rescue authorities and personnel
  • Local governments, communities & residents

Training, Workshops & Seminars

  • Development & instruction of National Fire Protection Assn. & Firewise, Home Ignition Zone training
  • Accredited instruction for professional wildfire mitigation continuing educational courses
  • Customized wildfire loss prevention workshops and seminars

Marketing, Presentations & Outreach

Emergency Mitigation & After-Action Reviews

  • Real-time response and mitigation to wildfire incidents
  • After-action wildfire investigations & examinations