About Pat Durland

Pat Durland's profession is defined by his passion to equip businesses and communities with contemporary strategies that reduce wildfire losses.

Wildland Fire Manager

Pat's federal wildland fire career began with 'boots on the ground' when he joined a Hotshot fire crew while earning a Natural Resources degree. Over the next 30 years he managed a variety of wildland fire programs and left the 'feds' as the first national Department of the Interior wildfire prevention program leader. As principal of Stone Creek Fire, LLC, he is nationally and internationally respected and has gained access to a network of specialized fire experts that he relies upon.

Training Designer & Instructor

Since 2003, Pat has worked with multinational businesses, national fire organizations and local communities in developing fire management plans and teaching programs based on the latest wildfire research and findings. His programs range from short enlightening presentations and webinars to multi-day courses and field sessions that explore the science and anomaly of plants igniting structures. His plans have spanned international companies to community subdivisions. He has been an NFPA wildfire training developer, course coordinator and instructor where he co-developed several national courses including the well-known 'Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire.'

Speaker & Facilitator

Pat is a frequent presenter and facilitator at conferences, work groups, webinars and community meetings. In sharing the realities of wildfire disasters and dispelling the glut of rumors he educates and entertains, while developing rational loss-reduction approaches that are practical and actually work!

WUI Resident

Pat gained new and valuable perspectives during his family's 20-year residency in the Boise foothills wildland/urban interface zone. Now, like many others, he knows, "You have to live with wildfire to totally get it!"